Heirloom Memory Boxes

Heirloom Memory Boxes

NEW!! Heirloom Memory Box...
A special storage box for collecting memories & treasures for the intention of passing them on to the next generation.
You may add old photos, jewellery, a flashdrive containing photos & videos, an old special toy, birth certificate and maternity notes, plunket book, small family ornaments & treasures.

Would make a beautiful birth or christening gift, so that the parents and grandparents can collect heirlooms to put in it...
Made of recycled Rimu - $160 (includes engraving with a small family quote, a tree and the receivers' name and date of birth). The next receivers' name and date of birth will be added by our daughter Amelia, when she has someone whom she would like to receive this box after her.

A lovely way to pass on family treasures through the generations for safe-keeping. We have 4 special boxes of treasures, that we are saving and adding to for each of our 4 kids...

"Preserve your memories, Keep them well,
What you forget, You can never retell."

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