Bread Bins and Document Boxes

Bread Bins and Document Boxes

Our VillaWood Bread Bins are an attractive bread storage solution in the kitchen... They hold 2 large loaves of bread, and also a great place to store buns, croissants, etc.   They are made from solid recycled Rimu, but can be made from other timbers (subject to availability).

Document Boxes are a great storage box for important documents eg birth & marriage certificates, house deeds, passports and precious small family heirlooms and photos. A good thing to grab and take in an emergency, knowing that everything important is safely stored inside it... 

They are mostly made from solid recycled Rimu, can have a hinged round or flat top, or our own popular roller lid version. They can have a clean, rustic or painted distressed finish. 

Can be made to order following your requirements and specifications.

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